Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers

When it comes to putting your loved one to rest, flowers may seem like a small detail. But for some, selecting the just-right plant or flower arrangement can be meaningful, and an important way to express your feelings. Your favorite florist can help you with flower types, colors and their meanings. With a little research, you can choose an arrangement that will convey your sentiments perfectly. Of course, if your loved one has a favorite flower, or flower color, be bold – it’s okay to ‘break the rules’.

standing spray is the most-often associated arrangement for funerals. Additionally, standing wreaths, hearts and crosses are appropriate. Sprays are typically placed near the casket, and multiple standing sprays make a lovely statement.

casket spray is another common arrangement. A spray might be contained to the top of the casket, adding richness and decoration, or even drape over the sides. A lovely spray looks beautiful on caskets of any price point.

What Are You Saying with Flowers?

Gladioli – The ‘glad’ conveys character, integrity and sincerity.

Lily -Probably one of the most popular flowers for funeral arrangements, the lily represents restored innocence.

Rose – The beloved rose conveys different meanings depending upon the color. Red (of course) depicts love, while yellow roses signify friendship. White roses signify innocence, reverence and youth, while pink roses are love and grace.

Carnation – Carnations are one of the most affordable flowers, and are making a huge come back in pop culture. The pink carnation signifies remembrance, the white, love and innocence, and red, admiration.

Orchid – Orchids are typically given to family members of loved ones, as a living plant. The orchid, most often white or pink, is a symbol of the giver’s sympathy.

Daffodils and Tulips – Daffodils and tulips are typically sent to families of the departed, as a symbol of renewal, sympathy, and even cheerfulness to lift one’s spirits.

Daisy – The simple daisy represents loyal love and purity.

Hyacinth – The hyacinth, particularly the purple flower, is a symbol of sorrow and regret.

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