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Cremation Services

Our package selections are designed to simplify the arrangement process, to assure the family that all desired services will be provided without additional cost and to offer a significant monetary savings compared to the itemized General Price List. Although services may be selected from the itemized portion of the General Price List, the following list of commonly selected package services may help you select the appropriate arrangements. The following packages include only the items listed in that package. Additional merchandise, sales tax, cash advance items and fees for weekend evening and holiday services are additional unless designated


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Graveside Service

A graveside service is commonly held at the cemetery. No visitation is publicly held. Visitation may be held privately by the family before the service in some instances. Family and Friends gather at the cemetery and the ceremony takes place there. A typical graveside service consists of proportionate share of the overhead, transportation from place of death and transportation to crematory, alternative container as mandated by state, death certificate, cremation clearance, crematory fee, clergy honorarium.

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Burial Services

We offer these package prices to help the family select the service that best meets their needs. In all of our Burial Package Selections, the casket is not included. Direct Burial, No Viewing $2,100 Includes: Basic service of Funeral Director and staff Transfer of remains to funeral home Refrigeration Dressing and casketing Funeral coach transportation to cemetery.


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Memorial Service

A memorial service is usually held after a funeral. It can also be used to remember and honor the life and memory of the deceased on a specific occasion, such as an anniversary of an event that resulted in the person's death. Memorial services should be planned on an appropriate date and time and with the family and loved ones of the deceased in mind, but should also celebrate the person's life. The following steps will help you to plan a memorial service.

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For immediate service regarding cremation or burial, call 530-889-0767 any day or night of the week. For less urgent requests or to be part of our mailing list, please contact us by completing the form below.

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