Sierra Foothills Funeral Service

“There is no scientific or other evidence that any casket with a sealing device will preserve human remains”

Our Urns range from $40. - $2,000

Custom Urns

  • Football Case

Romance Copanion

  • Cast Bronze Urn
  • Bronze Finish Striking Pices

Cameo Portrait

  • Cameo Cherry Portrait
  • Cherry Wood Finish

Marble and Glass

Urns Marble and Glass

  • Marble and Glass

Wood Ern

 Wood Urn CherryWood Finish

Wooden Cremation

  • Wooden Urns
  • Cherry Wood Finish

Wooden Urns

  • Wooden Urns

Wood Companion

  • Wood Companion Urns

  • Cherry & Oak



Professional Programs

For immediate service regarding cremation or burial, call 530-889-0767 any day or night of the week. For less urgent requests or to be part of our mailing list, please contact us by completing the form below.

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